After the forum has been setup and the initial channels (at least one) have been created, it is possible to add new channels, edit the names of the existing ones, reorder them, and delete them. channels

Reorder channels

You can reorder channels by dragging and dropping them into desired positions. The positions have no effect in how the channel views, posts inside channels, “All posts” or “My feed” views are handled.

Rename channels

You can rename the channels in the navigation by clicking on the channel title, typing in the new name, and either pressing enter or clicking outside the navigation. In order to retain the validity of permalinks, i.e. links to individual threads, the path for the renamed channel stays unchanged. For example, the web address[forumname]#!/cows#what-color-cows-are-your-fa will stay the same even if you change the channel name from “Cows" to “Ruminants”. In effect, you are renaming the link text of the channel, but not its URL.

Delete channels

Channels can be deleted by clicking the little grey “X” on the right side of the channel name. This won’t delete the posts inside the channel, however; it simply removes the channel from the right navigation and therefore also stops threads within the channel from showing in the All Posts view. After you’ve done changes any of the above changes, save them by clicking “done”.


To show your comment channels we just create a channel for your comments. Typically when you embed comments a hidden channel is created. So when you embed a comments like so: <a href="[community-name]/comments" class="muut" type="dynamic">Comments</a> you've create a hidden channel called "comments". To make this community accessible through the sidebar and visible in your "All Posts" feed add a channel named "comments" on your settings page.