Default language

The Muut User Interface (UI) is displayed in English by default, but you can change the default display and UI language on your hosted version of Muut. If you only need to display your community in one language, this is the feature for you. When you change the language we'll also modify your customized embed code to make sure it displays correctly when you use HTML to embed your community on your own site!

If you're looking to display your forum in multiple languages, check out Multi-Language Localization.

Chinese language

Changing the default display language for the Muut UI is pretty easy. Keep in mind this will change the default language for embedded version of Muut. (Just in case you missed it, check out this article to learn more about language localization) Head to the setting screen, either from your dashboard or just head directly to your settings page.

Clicking on settings from you dashboard will open a new window.

From there, choosing, "Language" will bring up your language select screen. Pick the desired User Interface language, click save and that's it! We'll do all the magic from there.