Google Analytics

Summary • Everything with a single view
Trends • Loads, new posts, logins and likes
Realtime • View events as they happen

Setting up

Muut Analytics is based on the wildly customizable Google Analytics. The data is automatically tracked to your Analytics account after providing your Analytics ID from the settings:

Google analytics

The client will automatically load the tracking script from //  if it’s not already included on your page with a <script> tag. Click the following link to install Muut Analytics dashboard to your Account. Install Muut Analytics v1.0.1 Feel free to poke around in the Events section and once you find an interesting graph you can simply add it into your newly created dashboard. For realtime events click Real-Time > Events from the left. For deep analysis of the events click Behavior > Events > Overview

Weekly email report

Hit the Email link on top of the summary view for email report of the data. You’ll get the whole summary view to your inbox. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Event tracking

Muut client is a single-page application built to be real-time, hence event tracking is more pertinent than pageview statistics as most user activities do not involve any page request. Muut uses Google Analytics track event method to gauge various user interactions with the Muut application. In particular, three parameters are passed to the method:

_trackEvent(category, action, label)

The category parameter specifies the type of events to be tracked. There are 4 channels defined as follows:

  • Moot: load tracks instances of entering a specific "view" within the Muut client, e.g. the full view of a thread, a channel, or search result.

  • Moot: login tracks user logins.

  • Moot: post tracks submissions of posts, including replies.

  • Moot: topic tracks click-views of a particular topic, aka. thread.

Tracks click-views of a particular topic, aka. thread.   The action parameter is used as an identifier of the specific content involved in the triggered event. This can be the title of a single thread, the name of a channel (including the built-in aggregator “All Posts”), as well as a search keyword. The label parameter specifies the @username that is responsible for the triggered event. Visitors who are not logged in are given the label anonymous. For example, _trackEvent("Moot: load", "Setting Up", "@tipiirai") tracks instances of the user @tipiirai entering the forum channel named Setting up.