Secure embedding

Secure embedding requires the MEDIUM plan or above.

Need to restrict Muut embedding from unauthorized users? With Secure embedding enabled, you can rest assured that no one else can embed your Muut forum or commenting sections on third-party websites. This restriction is achieved by exclusively allowing only signed embedding of Muut, that is, Muut embedding works only if it is signed with your private key. Further you have options to put Muut behind a password protected page and you get complete privacy.

Head over to the signed embeds section to see how you can do this on your website. Once you have done that, visit your community settings to enable the secure embedding feature.

You should enable this setting on your forum only if signed embedding is already set up successfully; otherwise you would not be able to access your forum after enabling Secure embedding.

Click here to Enable secure embedding

Here are demos for private forum and private commenting.