Advanced administrators, community owners, and developers may in some super rare cases may need or want to embed a specific version of Muut, or delay our automatic upgrade/update system.

We focus on making Muut backwards compatible, as well as making each new version and patch even better than the last.
It is highly recommended to use the latest and up-to-date major version of Muut. (This happens automatically, when using basic embedding methods. eg. <script src="//"></script> )

However, if you're here, you probably already know you want to embed a specific version of your Muut community.

Versioned Embedding

Muut uses, "semantic versioning." We know... but it's not as complicated as it sounds!
It's a hierarchical system that tells you each step of our development process, and it's displayed as major.minor.patch

For those uninitiated in speaking programmer, major version changes are generally incompatible with previous API (something that will usually only matter to developers).
Minor version changes will add functionality but will remain backwards compatible. And patch version changes are mostly there for bug fixes.

Versioning Example (Major Minor Patch: 1.2.3)

Our embed codes use this system to mark which version is being embedded. We focus on compatibility and your Muut community won't suddenly become incompatible with your comments or discussions disappearing when we release a new version. But developers and mega nerds might find an occasional use.

Since we use a hierarchical system for embedding Muut, it's pretty straight forward. When you use our default embed code: <script src="//"></script> you are sure to get the most up to date patch and minor version in that major version (1). Using <script src="//"></script> would, however, assure you get the latest patch within 1.12

Take a look at your embed code and adjust the code to fit your needs. It's certainly possible for you to embed a super specific version like <script src="//"></script> but you might find yourself happier and more bug free to use, in this case, 1.12 instead of the specific patch number 1.12.5 Keep things broad if you can, since patches are there to fix problems, not break things.

Which version do you need?

Check out our version release page to pick the one you need. If your developer project broke after updating from 1.12 to 1.13 it's just a process of elimination.