Common setups

Basic forum embedDemo (Source)
This is just a basic embed of a forum like you would use on your site.

Basic flat commentingDemo (Source)
Typical flat commenting embed (most common for a typical blog)

Threaded commenting (without titles)Demo (Source)
For very busy blogs, or blogs with a lot of commenting this may be a better way to organize your comments

Single channel forumDemo (Source)
Sometimes all you need on a forum is one single channel: no sidebar, no feeds. Or maybe you want a particular channel to appear on a separate webpage, perhaps under an article dealing with the same topic, while your multi-channel forum webpage is on another page? Here's an example of that. In practice, this is threaded commenting with titles.

Custom images and descriptions for channelsDemo (Source)
This is an example of adding some text and even images to load when someone navigates to a specific channel on your forum.

Traditional forum landing pageDemo (Source)
In this demo we create a typical landing page showing the channels for the forum as well as the post counts for those channels. If you have many sections in your community, this might be a good way to make it easier for your users to navigate.

Image thumbnailsDemo (Source)
Muut doesn't show thumbnails for images by default. If you would prefer to display inline thumbnails for uploaded images, you can use the thumbnail plugin.

Multiple commenting areas on a single pageDemo (Source)
This is an example of having multiple items on a single page that need to have Muut commenting.

“NY Times” comment drawerDemo (Source)
This is an example of how Muut can play nicely with all sort of Javascript to customize the experience. Here we implement a comment drawer for Muut.

Custom sidebar

Custom sidebarDemo (Source)
Here we demonstrate some of the various ways you can customize the right nav using the directions provided in the [custom navigation]() part of our docs.

180+ custom discussion channelsDemo (Source)
If you have a massive number of sections on your community and you want to organize them, grouping categories together with parents, this is the demo for you. Check out this demo, click some of the channels to see how we handle large numbers of categories.

No top navigation, all on the sidebarDemo (Source)
In this demo we move the top navigation to the sidebar. We use CSS to hide the top nav then add the links on the right nav.


Custom styled Muut forumDemo (Source)
Here we make some very basic changes to the style of Muut with CSS.

Forum on a dark backgroundDemo (Source)

Font selector and size adjustmentDemo (Source)

Muut with Bootstrap CSSDemo (Source)

Language versions

All language versions with a selectorDemo (Source)

Arabic (Right to left)Demo (Source)

Hebrew (Right to left)Demo (Source)


Setup with JavaScriptDemo (Source)

Access to new threads and postsDemo (Source)

Load profile info when mouse-overing avatars (best with federated id)Demo (Source)

Access new page loads - Demo (Source)