Custom wording

You can change individual words or sentences by modifying the moot.language object right after where the moot.min.js script has been included. For example

<script src="//"></script>
<script>moot.language.start = "What's up?"</script>
<script>moot.language.channels = "Groups"</script>

You can change every language token from the application. The available options are here.

You can also use jQuery.extend It provides a convenient way to change multiple tokens at once. For example

$.extend(moot.language, {

  // your custom words and sentences
  comment1: "Be the first to comment",
  reply: "Post a reply"



Yes, you can change the wording on our messaging client too! It works in much the same way as it does for the rest of Muut, with some slight changes. You can place it anywhere on your page. For example:

  window.muut_messaging = {
    messages: 'This is messaging',
    type: 'Type something'

There's a huge list of wording you can change on Muut messaging. Check out all the language tokens available for messaging:

  admin: 'Administrator'
  all: 'All'
  am_online: 'administrators currently online.'
  cancel: 'Cancel'
  changepw: 'Change password...'
  clickch: 'Click to change'
  close: 'Close'
  convo: 'conversation'
  del: 'Delete'
  del_convo: 'Delete conversation'
  del_convo_desc: 'Are you sure you want to delete this conversation with %s?'
  del_from: 'Are you sure you want to delete this message from %s?'
  del_title: 'Delete message'
  disable_notif: 'Disable all email notifications'
  displayname: 'Display name'
  email: 'Email'
  hiddenu: 'Hidden users'
  hide: 'Hide'
  hide_from: 'Are you sure you want to hide %s?'
  hide_user: 'Hide user'
  invalid_uname: 'Invalid username'
  is_online: 'is online'
  logout: 'Log out'
  messages: 'Messages'
  messageus: 'Drop us a message'
  msg_one: 'Drop a message'
  msg_required: 'Message must be given'
  mute: 'Mute'
  mute_this: '%s this conversation'
  muted: 'Muted'
  muted_desc: 'Muted threads no longer get bumped to top in the list.'
  norecip: 'Recipient must be given'
  noself: 'Cannot post to yourself only'
  noshare: 'Your email is never shared'
  nostaff: 'No staff currently online.'
  offline: 'Offline'
  onemore: 'One more step'
  online: 'Online'
  others: 'others'
  post: 'Post'
  realname: 'Your real name so people will recognize you'
  reply: 'Reply...'
  save: 'Save'
  show: 'Show'
  show_msg: 'Show messages from this user'
  show_msg_confirm: 'Are you sure you want to show messages from %s?'
  mute_confirm: 'Are you sure you want to mute this conversation with %s?'
  unmute_confirm: 'Are you sure you want to unmute this conversation with %s?'
  type: 'Type name(s)'
  unmute: 'Unmute'
  verify_sent: 'We have sent you a confirmation email. Your email is not updated before you complete this step.'
  your_msg: 'Your message'