Slack integration is part of the Muut MEDIUM plan.

Slack is a team collaboration tool. Like Muut, Slack is real-time, grouped by channels, and text-focused. It also allows you to direct message team members, share files, and search conversations. Muut integrates with Slack enabling you to keep your team up-to-date on your community activity.

You can access the Slack integration options from the Settings. The integration offers the following options:

  • Send new posts to any Slack channel or user
  • Send new replies to any Slack channel or user
  • Reply to conversations on Muut directly from Slack
  • Track Likes and Replies of posts
  • Send reminders when posts go unanswered

By adding a slash command integration on Slack you can reply directly to posts on your Muut forum or comments. Each incoming message receives a unique 3 character id that you can reply to. By simply typing /reply tid: The message to the user you can respond to a message identified by tid.

Setting up Slack

Go to following page:

Slack Setup