Adding your Muut community to your Strikingly page requires the Strikingly Pro plan.

Use the </> App Store & HTML section. Strikingly has a great walkthrough on how to use this section which we'll replicate, mostly, below. Don't forget to check "show in iframe":

How to add the custom code section:

1. Go to your site editor.
2. Add a new section.
3. Select "App Store & HTML" from the section list.

4. Once a new section is created, hover your mouse over the App box and click "Edit."

5. From the app list, select "HTML."

6. Copy and paste the HTML embed code on the box. You can find your quick embed code on your settings page

You must check "Show in iframe". Strikingly strips out the javascript, and if you don't check it your forum won't display. You'd just get a link, otherwise.

Don't forget to hit "Save" when you're done!

Because Strikingly requires iFrame elements, Strikingly does not deliver the full power of Muut in terms of customizability. As a result of using iframe elements, some features are not supported by Strikingly.