Weebly Intro

Muut has an App in the Weebly store that lets you use Muut for commenting or forums on your Weebly page.

The Weebly app is really straightforward, but let's walk through each step it will take to get you going on Weebly!

Head to our Weebly App page to install Muut to your site.

If you don't have a Weebly page yet, you can follow their handy guide here: Weebly Beginners Guide

Step 1

At the Muut App page, click "install"

Doing so will pop open a dialogue

Once you've hit connect you'll see your first Muut screen. Here you'll create an account or use an existing one.

Be sure to take note of your username and password. You will most certainly need them later!

Step 2

Once connected you'll be taken to the edit panel of your website. Scroll all the way down on the left control panel and you'll find two third party icons. Select a forum or commenting and simply drag and drop it onto the page!

You'll see a demo screen of your community. On there you can click on your forum to start configuring!

Step 3

When you open the configuration screen you'll see this:

From here you can do a bunch of stuff!

Change Community

Click "change" and you change the community used for your Weebly page or create a new one!

Light or Dark

Muut automatically inherits the styles of your Weebly page, and this normally looks awesome. But for some users of darker colored themes Muut won't look quite right, or even be hard to read. Change these settings and you'll be good to go.

Setup Wizard

Click the setup wizard to open up a quick wizard of settings to help get your community going. Here theres a full suite of settings you can change

Brand name: Name your Muut community. You’ll see this on banners & dialogs.
Brand color: This color will appear in special places throughout your community to reinforce your brand.
Logo: Your own logo can really make users feel at home.
Dark background: Does your site use a dark background? Make sure text is readable by using light text on a dark background.
No watermark: If you hate watermarks, you can disable them — even the default Muut watermark.
Enabled: Watermarks are featured on the bottom of all image uploads. Without a custom watermark, we’ll display a Muut one. (Landscape images work best)
Forum URL: This is the URL of the Weebly page where you’ll be using Muut.
Disable sharing buttons: We love sharing, but we know it’s not for everyone. You can disable the facebook and twitter share buttons.
Facebook thumbnail: When users share content to facebook this is the thumbnail that will show. (1200 x 630 pixel images look best.)
Twitter handle: Each time a user shares content to twitter, they’ll automatically @ mention your account.
From name: Occasional Muut email notifications are sent from “Muut discussions”. However, you can change it up to “General Zod” if really wanted to.
Reply-to address: When users reply to email notifications we normally incinerate the reply in our volcano headquarters. You can, instead, save them so they make it to your inbox.
Private community?: Users must receive an invite to participate in private communities. A great way to only let friends comment, or to keep your Miley Cyrus forum hidden from prying eyes.
Disable spam filtering: If you discover more legit posts than spam are being filtered, you can disable our spam filter (Akismet) to keep the conversation going. (not recommended)
Google Analytics ID: Track usage statistics with Google’s Analytics tools on our custom dashboard.

Full Config

Click on the full configuration link to bring you to your Muut settings page. This will open in a new window.

You may have to log into your Muut account to access the page. Once done you'll see your new settings screen. Here you'll be able to manage all your settings for your Muut community.

To learn more check out our administrator's guide


Click on the bottom help button and you'll be take to a help screen with a few options on how to troubleshoot or just help you get started.