Wix recently retired their Muut forum and commenting plugins. The below is the best method to implement Muut on your Wix site, however Wix uses iframe elements, limiting the full power of Muut. Some features are not supported when using an iframe element, and there is limited support for email notifications and linking to threads.

Adding Muut to your Wix site is pretty easy!

1. Head to your Wix site manager and click on edit site
2. Create a new page or find an existing one where you'd like your Muut community to live
3. In the top left corner, click on the + to add a new element

4. Scroll to the bottom of the list for more and find the Embed a Site element

5. Click and drag the Embed a Site element onto your webpage
6. Enter your full Muut URL (including https://) into the address field

7. Resize the window to fit your needs.