Muut is a JavaScript application right on your page. The minimalistic and clean design makes an easy match to your website. Once you copy and paste it on your site it works just like any other HTML element; and it’s fully styleable with CSS. It’s not a 3rd party iframe that you have no control over.


Muut is truly embeddable. Most people want to place Muut onto their own website. Embedding is how that is done. You add it to one or a hundred (new or existing) pages on your website, and you won't even need any "iFrames". You can learn more about what embedding is here.

You can grab your customized embed code on your settings page. And you can learn more in our full documentation.


If you use WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, or Wix you'll want to check out our easy to use plugins.

Shopify: Get Started Plugin | Documentation
Squarespace: No Plugin | Howto
Weebly: Plugin | Documentation
Wix: Unofficial Forum Plugin | Documentation
WordPress: Plugin | Documentation


Every Muut community is hosted by the Muut servers, but using Muut as only a hosted forum means that you'll send people to your forum hosted at

Using a hosted community is just that easy!