Messaging allows users to contact each other privately. Theres even an easy way for users to contact the administrators built right in!

You can quickly turn on messaging for all instances of your Muut community. This enables messaging on both hosted and embedded versions of Muut. Head to the page below and enable messaging now!

WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, or Wix plugin users: Currently this is the only method of using messaging compatible with our integrated plugins.

You can learn more complex ways to use messaging here:

Basic messaging

Advanced messaging


Like it’s partners, commenting and forums, messaging is a powerful product in a tiny package. With just two lines of code, you can embed an advanced realtime messaging system. Once users open messaging, they’re provided with a quick link to send admins a message. By itself, messaging is a great way to give users a quick and easy way to get, and stay, in touch.


Messaging seamlessly integrates with your existing Muut community. Turn it on with a single click from your settings menu, and immediately users can mingle amongst themselves, and — just like the standalone format — get in touch with administrators. Been looking for a way to have private group discussions? Need to privately resolve disputes? Want a new way for users to engage? Messaging has many use cases.

Turn it on from the settings menu activates messaging anywhere you’ve got Muut. Whether you’ve got thousands of comment sections, or a thriving embedding and/or hosted community, it works out of the box. And if you just want messaging in one or two places, you can always use the two line embed code!

Group messaging

We built messaging with groups and teams in mind. You can add more than one name to your list of recipients and have your own group discussion behind closed doors. Organize a party, use it as a team collaboration tool, or keep the discussion going.

Abuse protection

Ever been in a group chat that just won’t quit? Mute the conversation to stop notifications and keep it from “bumping” to the top and unmute at any time. If a troll or abusive user becomes a problem, “hide” them. Any user can hide. If the offending user sends a message to them we never deliver it, and we don’t tell them they’ve been hidden by another user. Moderators and administrators can, of course, still ban a user who gets out of hand.


Create contact buttons and make it easier than ever for users to connect with your team. Launch a direct message to a specific user with a single click! This is super great for support or contact forms. Learn more here.


Take control of messaging elements and change the look using CSS. You can even move — or remove — the button in the corner.