CSS 101


Muut blends right into your webpage, sitting in perfect harmony with its surrounding elements. Unlike what you might be used to, Muut is not an iframe — a mere window to another website, unreachable by any styling present on the rest of your page. Nor is it an isolated page on your site, a link in your page navigation taking you to a far-away destination where any similarity to your site seems glued-on at best.


Instead, Muut is styled like all the other elements on your webpage: using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, the modern internet's way of styling things). Most often, Muut will simply inherit the styles on your page and blend right in without further modifications. Should you want to customize further, you can do it by hand with css, or using the Muut Designer tool.


Muut Designer is a tool with a graphical user interface that makes styling your community as easy as tweaking sliders and checking boxes. It's a sidebar where you can control the most common elements of your community, down to avatar rounding and character spacing.