You can style your hosted forum at[community-name] using the Muut Designer, as well as add your own logo and brand color to email notifications, indexed SEO pages, and authentication dialogues.

Muut Designer is a sidebar with a wide range of controls for styling your community.

Click on the Designer item in the sidebar navigation under the MANAGE section to open the Designer tool. You will have a wide range of options for styling your community under four sections titled THEME, OPTIONS, COLORS, and TYPOGRAPHY.

THEME section features a range of ready-made themes, or skins, for your Muut community. They've been divided into three categories called MINIMAL, FUNCTIONAL, and PLAYFUL, a rough categorization of the most prevalent design styles in the web this millennium. You can use them as is, or pick one as the basis for your own design.

OPTIONS presents a bunch of settings that define your community's general layout, such as community width, general sizing, element spacing, thread boxing, color gradients and element shadows, etc.

COLORS section lets you pick colors for your community's elements, including the top bar, thread titles and body text, and sidebar. Just click on the area selector to choose the element whose color you would like to change, then set the color using the color picker, or type the desired color value in HEX or rgba.

TYPOGRAPHY section lets you pick the font and adjust its size and spacing for Menu items, Headings, Topic titles, and Topic body. These values are inherited from your webpage's css styles when no changes to these settings are made.

After making your changes you can publish them at[community-name] by clicking Save changes at the bottom of the sidebar. Alternatively you can get the generated CSS styling code and paste it on your own website.

By clicking <>Embed on the Designer you will receive the code to embed the forum on your own webpage using the current design. It will not be saved on the hosted forum at[community-name], unless you click “Save changes”.

Subscribers to the MINI plan or above also get access to an ever-growing array of themes to use either as is, or as a starting point towards your own unique design.

Logo and Colors

With the MINI plan or above, you will be able to add your own logo and brand color to:

  1. Email notifications,
  2. Email confirmations (new user, email change, password change),
  3. Authentication dialogue and
  4. Static SEO pages

These areas are not part of your webpage, and cannot be styled with CSS.

Administrators can customize branding directly from the forums by clicking Settings link from the forum sidebar.


For the logo, the typical picture formats supported by modern browsers (JPG, GIF, PNG) will work. A good option is to use a PNG file with transparency, so your given background color will neatly show through without fringing (GIF) or a color block (JPEG). Other options include tuning the image background color to match the Brand color for your community, or having a rectangular frame around the logo.

Maximum dimensions for the logo are 360×64px.

Brand color

Choose a background color for the headers. This is expressed as a HEX value.

Brand name

Enter your brand name to be shown on the notification emails. This is the sender’s name.

Banner image

Upload a banner image to be featured directly on your hosted forum, without any manual embedding work. The optimal pixel size of the banner image is 720x200px.