Admin Guide

If you haven't read the user guide yet, stop right now and do that! You should have a good idea of how Muut works before you dive in here.

Community Administrators

The right side of your dashboard also includes access to more control over your community


Click on individual channels to navigate throughout your community, or if you're savvy you can click on “Edit.” It’s a quick-link to the settings screen controlling channels. There you can add, remove, and sort channels. For more on Channels.


This category only appears for administrators. It quick access to tools that help you manage your community, and your subscriptions/trials.


Pressing the “Design” button opens up the Muut Designer. The Designer allows you to modify the look and feel of your community in a simple click. For more on the Muut Designer


If you are using one of our plugins for WordPress, Shopify, or Wix there may be additional settings only available on your platform's settings page. Some settings on our settings page may not even be available on your platform Please check with your platform’s help page first.

The “Settings” button opens a new window. For more information on the Settings window.


Pressing the “Account” button brings up your Muut Account screen. Here you can manage your ongoing trials and subscriptions, as well as create a new community.


Pressing the “Spam” button shows you a collection of posts that have been flagged as spam. Posts that aren't automatically filtered out and removed by our spam filters, but still flagged as potential spam aren't removed from the community automatically. So you'll want to review those flagged posts and remove them as necessary. You'll manage these posts in much the same way as any other post.