Managing Posts

There are three major ways administrators and moderators can manage posts: Retire, Move, and Delete. If you are logged in as a moderator or an administrator you can hover over threads and posts and you'll see a set of icons. Retire and move are only available for threads, and delete is available for all contributions.


Retire a thread, so the conversation can continue, but won't climb to the top of the feed everytime someone contributes — allowing new content to grow and thrive. Click the lock icon.

Removing the "retire" status of a thread will not immediately "bump" a thread back to the top, but future contributions will act as usual — pushing the thread to the top of the list.


Did someone post a thread in the wrong channel? Just move it! Click on the arrow icon and move the thread to a better suited channel.

Once clicked a popup will allow you to select the destination.


You can delete any post or thread! Just click the x