User Guide

Signup or Login

Head to any Muut community page or comment section.

To create an account from a comment section, simply try any action.

Try to like or create a post and a dialogue will pop up giving you the option to create an account or login.

To create an an account from a community page you'll find a login button on your dashboard.

Just as with a comment section you can also attempt any action: liking or creating a post. These actions will pop up a dialogue giving you the option to create an account or login.


Doing the actions above will open this dialogue. From here you can login or join Muut. You can do this through traditional means, or you can use Google+ or Facebook to create your account (or login!).

Request Member Access

To access a members only community you'll need to login to an existing Muut user account or create a new one. Once that's done, you should see the following request screen. You'll just request access and the administrator will do the rest. :)


Your primary forum view shows your dashboard. Your community dashboard is your base of operations.

Content bar

The content bar gives you access to every visible post (all posts) and all the posts you are currently watching (my feed). Front and center there’s also a search box allowing you to search your community for key words.

Manage profile

A quick profile button is on the far right allowing you to edit your profile picture, display name, and email. You can watch for all new posts (or unwatch all posts), and you’ve got a handy link to change your password.

You can also log out, hide your online status, and you'll have a link to your Muut "account" page where you can create a new community of your own.


Navigate through channels. These are like different "rooms." All posts will show all content from these channels, but if you wanted to view just a single channel this is where you'll do it.

Online status

See who's online!

Collapse posts

Just like it sounds. After using Muut for a while, you may see many expanded threads. You can collapse all of these threads at once, for easier navigation.

Post Window

You post window is where you'll craft a reply, a new topic, or your comment. You'll see live a preview of your post.

Content is forever

Posts cannot be edited. After posting, there is a time frame of 2 minutes and 42 seconds during which you can remove your post. The text will then return to the edit box for modifying and reposting, if you like. Once the time has passed, your post will become permanent.

Forum Administrators cannot edit posts either, but they can delete posts at any time.


Click the little camera icon to upload an image.

Channel select

Select which channel you are posting in.

Post formatting

The ? popup shows us some details on how you can add formatting and styling to your posts.

Italics and bolding

Text can be italicized by adding _ at the beginning and end of the text to be italicized. You can also bold single words by adding * at the beginning and end of the word to be bolded.


Code snippets and other bits of text are rendered as monospaced text when placed inside backtics ``.


The following emoticons are supported (ie. converted into black and white vector graphics):

:) :D :O :* :| :( :P :/ :'( 8) >:( >:O <3



You can quote (ie. italicize and grey out) a text passage by selecting it and clicking the quote icon, which will move the quoted text in the text box. Text quoted in this manner will be linked to the original text, if it's loaded on the page.

You can also manually quote text by inserting > at the beginning of each quoted paragraph.


Syntax highlight

A block of code can automatically be formatted by adding --- at the beginning and the end of a code block:


You can also manually indicate the programming language:


There are over 50 recognized languages.

Syntax highlight


Links are automatically formatted to hide the "http://" part, and for some of the most popular websites, to replace the name of the site with an icon with the site's logo.

Link icons

Links to picture formats (such as JPG, PNG etc.) and videos from YouTube and Vimeo are opened in a gallery view (with all the pictures and videos from that post) when clicked.

Post anatomy

Individual threads for a typical community will look like this.


You can like a post by hovering and clicking the "like" link

And you can view who's liked a post by clicking the heart.


Click the three dots to expand a longer post

Watch for new replies

Click the watchful eye to get notified of new posts. You can also unwatch the post by clicking a highlighted pink eye.

Reply count

The chat bubble tells you how many replies each thread has

Flag post

Flag offensive or spammy posts


You can share posts in a few ways...

A link share will lead you to a single page view of a given thread. This allows you to copy the URL of the page to post anywhere (an email or any website)

The twitter button will help you share the given content or post on your twitter timeline.

The facebook share link does just like you'd think it would. It is important, however, to note that sharing technique currently only works for Facebook profiles, and not Facebook Pages.


You can also share (or quote) by highlighting text.

A highlight quote will look like so: